Mychael Danna
Life of Pi
Conrad Pope
Star Wars
Harry Potter
Christopher Young
Spider Man 3
Chris Egan
The Spanish Princess
Elia Cmiral
Atlas Shrugged
Nan Schwartz
Harry Potter
Paul K. Joyce
Bob the Builder
Snow Queen
Jeff Beal
House of Cards
Maclaine Diemer
Guild Wars
Tomas Oliva
Star Wars: Andor
Jaroslav Beck
Beat Saber
Need for Speed
Bernhard Eder
Logan Jones
Cooking with Stars
Petr Wajsar
Ubal a zmiz
Lukáš Pařík
zakletá v čase
Tomáš Živor
House of Da Vinci
House of Da Vinci 2
Zuzana Michlerová

Masterclass with Hollywood Composers

Total of 8 masterclasses

The classes will be presented by two Hollywood lecturers for active participants of the Summit. Participants will receive an assignment a week before the start, which must be elaborated by the start of the master class.

The compositions created will then be broken down under the lecturers’ supervision. After the Summit, participants have a week to complete the work based on discussion, advice and notes from the lecturers. If the requirements and quality are met, the projects can be used in a real production environment. The four-hour master classes always start at 10:00 a.m. and provide a lunch break.


Total of 20 lectures

Gain know-how and experience from star guests at the Composers Summit. Each of the composers chooses a specific topic in the field of music in audiovisual, in which they will familiarise you with their own experience, workflow, present specific samples and let you gain insight into how they work and create. It also involves discussions.


Total of 10 talks

Various views on interesting topics in the field of music, musical composition and incorporating music into audiovisual content. Star guests from the ranks of composers and more will share with you opinions and answers to the questions you ask. How is work done in Hollywood and how is it done in the Czech Republic? What are the biggest differences in the development of music in audiovisual? How can Czech music in film and audiovisual raise its quality? What role do industries such as gaming and VR play nowadays and what are the prospects here for music? How important is music and sound to the current success of the gaming industry? You can find out all this and much more here.

Tech & Gaming

Full day of music in gaming

One entire day of the Summit will be devoted to music and sound in gaming under the auspices of the largest Czech gaming company, Bohemia Interactive, with participation of other industry partners. Tech Zone will also introduce the topic "Tips & Tricks for your studio", where top professionals can consult on individual studio components, from design and acoustics to equipment and software. You can also look forward to stellar guests from gaming creation and their special performances.


2 concerts/ 14.4. & 18.4. 2023

Světové hvězdy filmové hudby zavítají do Prahy na Composers Summit 2023. Druhý ročník kromě workshopů a přednášek nabídne dva unikátní koncerty, které si osobně oddirigují uznávaní skladatelé nejen Hollywoodu. Titulní melodie oceňovaných filmů zazní v podání ČNSO.

Můžete se těšit na kompozice z filmů Shrek, Letopisy Narnie, Pí a jeho život, Harry Potter, Podivuhodné příběhy Benjamina Buttona, Pinocchio a mnoho dalších.

Co můžete získat?


Corporate Events

Creativity corporate events from concept and design, right through to production and management of the event itself.


Branded Events

We offer the best landscaping and gardening guarantee in the Our branded events provide unmatched opportunities for you to interact with costomer make the brand even stronger and recognizable..


Comercial Shots

We provide productions services for commercials, branded media, films/TV or documentary shoots in many pavilions.


HEN Parties

Create hen party memories that will last a lifetime with our the hen party specialists.


Birthday Parties

Our birthday party services include live DJs, dancing, bottle service and much more.


VIP Service

From individual club VIP packages and bottle services to closed exclusive parties.


Pre-sale of accreditations

All Inclusive

The entire Summit

209 EUR

Both concerts
2 x master class
Entry to recording session

Active Pass + 1st Concert

The entire Summit

169 EUR

Opening concert
2 x master class
Entry to recording session

Active Pass + 2nd Concert

The entire Summit

169 EUR

Closing Concert
2 x master class
Entry to recording session

Active Pass

The entire Summit

139 EUR

Admission to all lectures
2 x master class
Entry to recording session

What they say about Summit?

“The Composers Summit was a great opportunity to draw inspiration from leading Hollywood composers and meet domestic colleagues. The feedback from the master classes was invaluable. It is incredible how well the organization succeeded in Prague.”

“A lot of inspiration came from classical theory, but there was also talk of electronic genres, sound design and technology itself. An absolutely perfect event with the potential to be a bit more epic every year.”

“A unique environment where global industry professionals met with the public and local creators. Every day was packed, and it was fantastic to look into the process of their creation. We look forward to the next one!”


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